Bead necklaces are worn by Saraguro women both for daily wear and for special occasions. Beadworking is done mainly by Saraguro women, although a few men also do beadwork. The first necklace shown below (top left) is from the 1960s. Other necklaces from this period were woven with the same basic pattern, variations consisting primarily in numbers of rows and in color combinations. Since the 1980s (all the rest shown) there has been a continuous development of new patterns and styles of necklace beadwork. Also, more recently, Saraguros have been beading bracelets and "lizard" (largato) necklaces (shown on the fifth row), both of which are worn by men as well as by women.

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Traditional necklace                  necklace

triangle necklace                                 necklace

necklace               necklace

spider necklace                                   necklace

bracelets             bracelets             lizard necklaces

Beadworking   Saraguro shop in Otavalo
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