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This list is compiled with the aid of data presented in THE BIRDS OF ECUADOR: FIELD GUIDE (Volume II), Robert S. Ridgely and Paul J. Greenfield, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2001.

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Most of the entries herein are of humming birds that may occur in the highlands of the Saraguro region (páramo, cloud forest and mid-altitude zones generally above 2500m) according to the distribution maps and altitudinal ranges given in Ridgely and Greenfield.

Entries in bold represent the confirmed (primarily by Pelah Hoyt) sightings in the area (in this case including the desert lowlands in the western part of cantón Saraguro) presented on the
main page of this site.

Entries followed by   indicate birds whose ranges, according to the distribuiton maps in Ridgely and Greenfield are immediately adjacent to the Saraguro area, and are at elevations above 2500m and thus could possibly be seen in the Saraguro highland area.

Entries followed by   indicate confirmed sightings in the desert lowland part of cantón Saraguro

Avocetbill, Mountain: Opisthoprora euryptera
Coronet, Chestnut-Breasted: Boissonneaua matthewsii
Coronet, Velvet-Purple: Boissonneaua jardini
Emerald, Blue-Tailed: Chlorostilbon mellisugus
Hermit, Stripe-Throated: Phaethornis striigularis
Hummingbird, Giant: Patagona gigas
Humingbird, Speckled: Adelomyia melanogenys
Humingbird, Sword-Billed: Ensifera ensifera
Inca, Collared: Coeligena torquata
Metaltail, Neblina: Metallura odomae
Metaltail, Tyrian: Metallura tyrianthina
Metaltail, Violet-Throated: Metallura baroni
Metaltail, Viridian: Metallura williami
Puffleg, Glowing: Eriocnemis vestitus
Puffleg, Sapphire-Vented: Eriocnemis luciani
Sapphirewing, Great: Pterophanes cyanopterus
Starfrontlet, Buff-Winged: Coeligena lutetiae
Starfrontlet, Rainbow: Coeligena iris
Sunangel, Amethyst-Throated: Heliangelus amethysticollis
Sunangel, Flame-Throated: Heliangelus micraster
Sunangel, Purple-Throated: Heliangelus viola
Sunbeam, Shining: Agleactis cupripennis
Thornbill, Purple-Backed: Ramphomicron microrhynchum
Thornbill, Rainbow-Bearded: Chalcostigma herrani
Trainbearer, Black-Tailed: Lesbia victoriae
Trainbearer, Green-Tailed: Lesbia nuna
Velvetbreast, Mountain: lafresnaya lafresnayi
Violetear, Sparkling: Colibri coruscans
Woodstar, Purple-Collared: Myrtis fanny
Woodstar, White-Bellied: Chaetocercus mulsant

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